Jerry's Auto Glass

Auto glass replacement

We offer a service for replacing the windshield, side, rear window.

Auto glass replacement

Replacement of auto-glass in Glass Express service centers is a guarantee of quality and reliability with high efficiency and affordable price. To do this, we have all the appropriate conditions:

  • trained staff with extensive experience in the field of auto glass service;
  • the use of high-quality consumables;
  • use of a professional tool;
  • application of modern innovations and technologies.

Replacing glass on a car for any of our customers begins with a call to the Glass Express call center. During the preliminary conversation, the operator will help you, if necessary, select the right glass, familiarize you with the terms of the order, the cost of work, and also record at a convenient time to visit the service or the arrival time of the mobile team.
Technological steps for replacing glass:

  • preparatory work (removal of the external and internal parts of the exterior and interior);
  • dismantling of damaged glass;
  • preparation of a body reception;
  • pasting a new glass;
  • installation of removed parts.

The experience of our craftsmen allows you to remove old glass without damaging the paintwork and preserve seals and moldings. With such accuracy, distortions and the leakage of automotive glass are completely eliminated.

Optimal timing for replacing auto glass

In the technological process, when replacing auto-glass, our experts use only technologies and materials from Sika, Switzerland. The range of Sika materials allows you to choose the optimal solution for the time of work for each client. As a rule, the process of replacing a windshield takes about three hours, but in some cases, when the customer has limited time, replacing the glass can take a minimum of time – after half an hour you will leave the service and will safely operate the car in the previous mode.
“Mobile service”

For the convenience of our customers, we offer to use the Mobile Service service. Glass Express specialists are ready to come to you with all the equipment and materials necessary for work and make a replacement at the location of the car, subject to certain conditions, for example, indoors there should be enough space for glass installation work, as well as an air temperature of at least 5 degrees Celsius.

Attention! Before starting the operation of the vehicle, on which the replacement of automotive glass was performed, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the recommendations and warranty conditions.

Warranty conditions when installing auto glass:

  • Full operation of the car after installing auto glass is possible:

after 24 hours for automobile glasses, the installation of which was carried out using adhesive materials (windshields, rear, side windows);

immediately after installation for automotive windows, the replacement of which does not require the use of adhesive materials (partially side and windshields).

  • Partial operation of the car after installing auto glass with adhesive materials is possible:

after 2 hours for cars without airbags;
after 4 hours for cars with airbags.

  • When replacing auto glass using adhesive materials, it is prohibited:

to put the car on the curb during the day in order to avoid distortions of the body;

remove fixing tape during the day after installation;

wash the car in automatic washes of all types for three days from the date of installation;

open windows during the day after installing the rear or side window;

lift the car on the lift during the day from the moment of installation.

Recommendations: During the day after the installation of automobile glass, store the car on a flat area, observe the high-speed mode of movement. After replacing the windshield, it is recommended that the wiper blades be replaced.