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Car air conditioning

Many external factors, such as the entry of midges, dust, dirt, as well as a malfunction of the air conditioning compressor, a failure in the integrity of the wiring, failure of various sensors, servos and control units affect the performance and durability of the air conditioning system. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble, it is necessary to carry out preventive maintenance and system maintenance on a regular basis. Usually refueling air conditioners is recommended every 2-3 years or 40-50 thousand kilometers.

Air conditioning service includes:

• diagnostics of the system for leaks and serviceability of components;

• oil filling;

• filling the air conditioning system with refrigerant (freon);

• replacement of o-rings, etc.


Before filling with freon, the air conditioning system must be checked for leaks, the condition of the hoses and the freon conduits must be assessed, and possible bending of the hoses and smudges of oil should be excluded. Vacuum diagnostics and visual inspection are carried out.

Oil filling

In automotive air conditioners, a special compressor oil is used, circulating in the system together with freon. There are two types of oil for compressors – mineral and polyalkylene-gleyoleic. In no case should you mix oils of different types. In addition, different types of oil correspond to different types of freon.

Freon air conditioning

Filling of air conditioners with freon is carried out using special equipment. Professional equipment for refueling automobile air conditioners is able to take into account the make and model of the car. For each specific car, there are own oil and freon volume norms recommended by the manufacturer.