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Headlight polishing

Night is not only the most romantic, but also the most dangerous time on the road. If during the ride the light of your headlights is not bright enough, and the road seems blurry and fuzzy, this is a sure sign to resort to a new headlight polishing service.

Benefit of headlight polishing services:

In addition to the aesthetic effect, polishing helps to restore the correct scattering of the light beam, which is important for driving safety. Because safety when driving at night is very important, and shaded, dull, yellow headlights can be very dangerous.

Using the headlight polishing service you can sell your car easier and at a great cost. Because it is enough to have yellow, clouded, scratched headlights and the appearance of your vehicle instantly deteriorates. Headlight polishing saves on replacing new headlights! The average cost of plastic headlights is min. 200 dollars.

Clouded, yellow headlights can degrade nighttime visibility by 50%. And the headlights oxidized from the rain by 75% !!! Oxidation of headlights from rain is observed on 7 out of 10 cars older than 3 years. But this significantly affects the visibility, which is often the main cause of accidents at night.

Polishing headlights is an effective way to restore the original appearance of headlights, improving the overall appearance of the car. It is recommended to polish the headlights once every two to three years. Entrust us your headlights and our craftsmen in the shortest possible time will return them to their former luster and transparency!

Come and you, having secured yourself, will again fully enjoy night driving. And the night city in the light of clean and transparent headlights is especially irresistible!

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