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How to choose a car glass?

Car services, service stations, workshops offer customers autoglass from different manufacturers, based on quality and price. Accordingly, before buying a car glass or going to a service, you need to arm yourself with information – how to choose a car glass that will serve faithfully for many thousands of kilometers?

Even in the products of famous manufacturers there is marriage, glass can be damaged during transportation or storage, so you must be extremely careful when choosing a car glass on your car. First, carry out a visual quality control – there should not be scratches and chips, cracks or foreign particles on the glass. The edges of the glass should be carefully crafted, have a smooth edge surface. If the glass is damaged, cloudy, distorts objects – it is better to refuse to buy it.

Autoglasses should be marked black in the corner – check its availability and correctness. The marking must indicate: manufacturer’s trademark, signs of international or Russian homologation, confirming that the auto glass meets the standards, type of glass (WL – triplex, T – tempered), date of manufacture. Fake and artisanal glass is often unmarked or incorrectly printed.

If you buy a rear auto glass, check the electrical heating plugs – they should be firmly connected to the conductive tires located on the inner side surface of the glass. A decorative edging is applied to the rear and side fixed windows – a narrow strip of small black dots along the edges of the glass. On the factory glass, the decorative edging is smooth, without blurring.

Autoglasses are subject to mandatory certification. Do not hesitate to ask the seller for documents confirming the quality of car glass, because your safety depends on it. In addition to auto glass repair services, we offer repair of dents without painting or paintless car body repair.

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