Jerry's Auto Glass


Auto glass polishing

During operation of the car, all its parts wear out. Your car’s auto-glass is no exception, because it directly interacts with the environment. The headwind, containing particles of earth and sand, at a speed of 50 km / h can be compared with fine sandpaper, methodically driven on the windows of your car. We are no longer talking about the direct impact of bad weather and wipers during their operation, as well as the inevitable clouding of the glass. All the negative factors listed above reduce the visibility and increase the scattering of light, which affects the general fatigue of the driver, that is, you.

However, motorists rarely focus on such “trifles”, preferring to save, but in vain, as this is directly related to your safety on the road. As you know, the avaricious pays twice, and the motorist always pays off with his health and well-being of his dear people.

As regularly as possible polish the auto-glass of your iron horse! Thanks to this, the glass will be perfectly transparent and perfectly smooth. Of course, polishing auto glass will not eliminate serious defects, for example, large cracks and chips. In such cases, we recommend restoring the glass by repairing it and restoring its original appearance.

The process of polishing auto-glass is very responsible because of the possibility of easily changing the shape of the glass, forming optical distortions that translate the external environment with the effect of the “lens” type. Therefore, it is so important to contact professionals.

Headlight polishing and optics

During the operation of the car, unfortunately, the loss of transparency of the headlights is inevitable. Glasses are adversely affected by temperature changes, an aggressive external environment, small chips and scratches, and even too frequent visits to car washes.

The headlights become cloudy, and the appearance of your car loses its appeal. In addition, the optical properties of the headlights deteriorate, the light becomes faded, cloudy, scattered, such headlights to a greater extent dazzle drivers of oncoming cars. This is especially true for headlights gaining popularity, equipped with xenon lamps! Polishing headlights allows you to restore the appearance and optical properties of plastic lenses.

Headlights are polished using a professional tool and using special abrasive materials and polishing pastes.