Jerry's Auto Glass


Glass tinting can add gloss, charm and unique style to your car – a car with tinted windows looks more solid, more visible and more beautiful. But car tinting also solves other problems, turning ordinary glass into a design that combines the properties of energy conservation, safety and comfort.

Benefits of tinting auto glass

Sun glare protection. When driving in sunny weather, glare can occur that can dazzle you and create an emergency or just really interfere with driving. But if a film is applied to your glass, then it absorbs these glare.

Protective function for glass. If the glass of your car is tinted, then it will be more difficult to break it than glass without a tint film. And also, if the glass breaks, then the driver and passengers will not be threatened by fragments that usually fly around the cabin.

Protection from prying outside looks. The space inside your car is the same personal space as your apartment. It would be uncomfortable for you to live under the constant gaze of your neighbors in your own home. So is the case with cars. While tinted car windows gives you a 100% guarantee that you will not be visible inside your car. And also if the car remained in the parking lot, and you left personal things in it – no one will notice them either.

Protection against burnout. If tinting is applied to a car glass, it can reflect up to 80-90% of ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting the interior from burnout.

Protection in summer and winter. In the summer, tinting auto glass can prevent you from heating the passenger compartment. In addition, as a result, the load on the air conditioning of your car decreases.

As for winter, due to the fact that tinting reduces the heat transfer of glass, it will be warmer in the car.

The process of tinting auto glass

Auto-tinting is a process in which a protective film is applied to the windows of your car. Thus, it gets more durable properties, as well as all the advantages that are described above.

The process of applying a film can last a different time – it all depends on how many glasses you need to tint, as well as on the make of your car. The good news is that now technology allows you to tint avstoglass indiscriminately covering your car.

It should also be noted that most often tinting is applied to the rear and side windows of the car, and only a strip that protects from the sun is applied to the windshield. But at will – they can also tint the entire windshield, but at night this can make it difficult to see the road. Therefore, you should treat this carefully.