Jerry's Auto Glass

Windshield repair

We make windshield repair:

  • stop crack on the windshield
  • repair of windshield cracks
  • repair of chips on the windshield

Auto glass repair is only possible on triplex morris minor glass. There are two main types of repair: chip repair and crack repair.

In the process of repairing chips, the damaged area is cleaned and filled with a special polymerizing compound, which, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, acquires the characteristics of glass. After all repairs, only a small point remains visible at the cleavage site.

Crack repair is slightly different from the chip repair process. First, the area of ​​the crack is determined, then holes are drilled at both ends. After that, photosensitive material is also pumped into the crack cavity, as in the case of a chip, and after hardening, the windshield is polished.
Autoglass cannot be repaired if:

  • damage affects the driver’s field of vision
  • the glass is hit through with a crack or chip
  • a crack affects more than one edge of the car glass
  • the windshield has built-in equipment (heating elements, weather sensors, a display system of information, etc.), while the damage disrupts its normal functioning.

Necessary damage protection

Today, windshield auto repair allows you to almost completely remove all traces of restoration, however, in order to achieve maximum results, certain rules must be observed. A fresh crack or chip should be protected as quickly as possible from any ingress of dust or dirt. It is not possible to remove a two- or three-day dust deposit, therefore, after the windshield repair, the “scar” can be quite noticeable.

It is not worth delaying auto glass repair. For example, a crack on the glass very quickly spreads throughout the glass. And then, most likely, you will no longer have to repair, but to buy and install a new one. Repairing a windshield is much cheaper than replacing.